Tomorrow Airplane Today

Katie Rox and Danny Echo have been invited to participate in the Kansai Music Conference in Osaka, Japan from September 16th-19th, 2011. They will be performing, exploring and blogging their way - watch the journey here!

A nice little treat to end the Japan experience - thank you everybody - what a great time - can’t wait to go back!

Happy Holidays from Danny Echo!

A day off! And we’re giddy!

My mom once gave me a birthday card that said “Not only do you add to the family character…you ARE the family Character” I feel like Danny should have gotten that card too! 

The Kansai Music Festival!

Getting around Japan ~

What’s better than a day off in Tokyo?

Well after a whole live long day of travel - Katie and Danny make it to their first show only a few hours after arrival in Tokyo! The Pink Cow!

Haven’t even had time to open this!

Haven’t even had time to open this!

What’s up Japan? Are you looking for us?

Well, we’re not done yet! Katie is currently on tour in eastern Canada and Danny is getting some new music ready for you! There are music videos in the works and watch here every Tuesday for new Japan webisodes!

Stay tuned!